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We are proud to be a growing resource for products and knowledge on physical rehabilitation, recovery, therapies and pain and stress management. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of products, brands and therapies out there for rehabilitation and recovery.

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Choose from accredited and non-accredited courses in massage therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, pain management, rehabilitation or health care. All available online so you can learn from anywhere.


Having limited or decreased mobility can make life difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Wheelchairs, power chairs, electric and medical scooters, bikes, trikes and more!


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy devices for every budget! From PulsePads to full length mats to high powered PEMF therapy machines; there's something for everyone.


Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy. We are able to provide professional cold laser devices at lower prices by bypassing fancy brand names/packaging and shipping direct from the manufacturer.

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She's the driving force behind the brand and has a huge passion for people - meet our founder and director, Jaime Gunton. Based out of Australia, her vision was to develop a platform to deliver all the facts and well researched products in this fast paced industry. Home Rehab was launched after the successful growth of her last brand which supplied pet rehabilitation products worldwide. 

what is pemf therapy and how does it work?


Let's get those muscles back into shape! Treadmills, under-desk bikes, stationary bikes and more essentials for the road to recovery.


Heated and vibration massage therapy devices and massage guns to treat your tight, aching muscles

Infrared PEMF Mat - How it Works & Benefits

Did you know that infrared light has long been used as a form of therapy? The body's electromagnetic field responds to infrared therapy by releasing endorphins and other hormones into your system.  This is done to promote overall wellness, but there does seem to be some evidence that it can also have a positive effect


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