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Draco Luxury Multi-Function Power Standing Wheelchair
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Draco Luxury Multi-Function Power Standing Wheelchair

Sale price$11,500.00
The best electric standing wheelchair equipped with 5 key functions
The Draco Multi-Function Standing Wheelchair allows you to move, stand, sit, recline and lie down in safe and comfortable positions. With Draco, you can minimize the risk and effort of transferring the user during day time as they can take a nap in the lie-down position.
Draco is the most functional standing wheelchair out of all the models, excellent for users:
  • With swollen feet (especially users with diabetes).
  • Required to take a few naps in the day.
  • Who need extra comfort throughout the day.
  • Want to constantly change their position.

Other Unique Features:

  • The footrest angle is adjustable to stretch the calf muscles and tendons as the user stands up.
  • Adjustable seat depth & footrest height to suit users with different heights and leg lengths.
  • 3-layers foam cushion and back support to ensure extra comfort.
  • Spring suspension for extra comfort over rough terrain.
  • Adjustable and removable headrest.
  • 8 wheels to provide excellent stability especially when the user lies down.
  • Dynamic LED graphic display controller (DX2) for precise user control and sensors for safety.
  • Available in 14″, 16″ or 18″ seat widths with multiple adjustable parts to suit different body sizes.
  • Comes with different types of straps for knees, calves, chest and a safety belt. (Optional thigh strap, ankle strap, H-shape harness are available too).

How the Draco Multi-Function Standing Wheelchair works

If you are looking for a lay down wheelchair that is the most functional electric standing wheelchair, Draco definitely is your best choice. The Draco is fully powered for lie down, stand, sit and recline positions. It also allows you to move in a standing position.

The footrest, armrest, and backrest move in a coordinated way simultaneously, so the user will not feel the muscle pull when changing from standing – sit – lie down position.

Equipped with a 5-speed control with driving speeds of up to 8km/hr (5 miles/hr).  This power chair can travel up to 30km (18.5 miles) on a full charge.

Safety has always been the No.1 priority when this power chair was designed, and only high-grade aircraft quality aluminum alloy is used.

The power chair automatically adjusts to slow the speed during standing or recline positions for safety.  The motorized wheels are located in the center to ensure a tight turning radius.


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  • 24 months – Joysticks Controller, Control Box, Motor & Gear Box.
  • 12 months – Battery
  • 5 years – Frame
  • Wear and Tear – Armrest, wheel & cushion

(any human mistake or default will void the warranty as per International Standards)

Please note:
Upon purchase, you will be emailed an assessment form to complete. You will need to fill it out with your measurements and a few other pieces of information that is needed for your wheelchair. Thanks!