TheraPro PEMF/Infrared/Red Light Mat
TheraPro PEMF/Infrared/Red Light Mat
TheraPro PEMF/Infrared/Red Light Mat

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TheraPro PEMF/Infrared/Red Light Mat

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The TheraPro is a low-EMF, no-flicker, multi-therapeutic healing pad that can be used at home.

According to research, using the healing technologies included in our TheraPro can provide numerous benefits to support the body's natural healing and regenerative processes.

The TheraPro is unique in that no other product offers all of the following modalities at the same time.


TheraPro is a one-of-a-kind device that combines seven powerful healing modalities into one.

TheraPro is a comprehensive therapy device that offers multiple technologies to improve overall health and wellness. It includes PEMF therapy with nine different settings, photon technology based on red light, and full-spectrum infrared heat EMF remediation, harmonizing, shielding, and blocking gemstone technology. Additionally, the device provides technology for earthing/grounding and negatively charged ions. The Healing Pad is available in two sizes, is soft and flexible, and includes an extended timer, travel case, and long power cord for convenience.

Incorporating TheraPro into your routine, especially if you already have an Infrared Sauna, can increase the benefits of your sauna. It can help detox your cells and mobilize toxins for you to sweat out in the sauna.

Each of the six technologies provided by TheraPro offers distinct advantages that can be used concurrently for the best results. PEMF therapy is a rehabilitation therapy that helps regenerate damaged or injured cells, increases microcirculation, and supports the energy factories within your cells to re-energize and provide your body with what it requires to heal on a cellular level. Our bodies rely on electromagnetic signals to function, and PEMF emits safe, low-level electromagnetic frequencies similar to those found in nature.

TheraPro has 9 individual PEMF settings, with the following potential benefits:

  • P1 - 3Hz (Delta Waves): Helps with deep sleep.

  • P2 - 8Hz (Schumann Resonance - Exact replication of the earth's magnetic energy): Healing, blood circulation, and inflammation reduction

  • P3 - 10Hz (Alpha Waves): Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing creative thinking.

  • P4 (Beta Brain Waves) - 25Hz: Alertness

  • Memory is improved by P5 - 40Hz (Gamma Waves).

  • P6 - 48Hz: Level 1 healing, blood circulation, and pain relief

  • P7 - 56Hz: Level 2 healing, blood circulation, and pain relief

  • P8 - 64Hz: Level 3 healing, blood circulation, and pain relief

  • P9 - Randomized mix of all frequencies with 1-2 second frequency changes

Ancient cultures were aware of the sun's healing powers and bathed in it on a regular basis to help with ailments. Photon Red light therapy by TheraPro employs low-wavelength red light with Infrared Wavelengths that emit low levels of heat and expose the skin to light similar to that of sunlight but without the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, eye damage, or aging. Red light aids in cellular repair, which improves overall health. This can help to accelerate skin and tissue healing.

The following are some of the advantages of the TheraPro:

  • Increased energy levels due to improved mitochondrial function

  • Increased collagen production Increased melatonin production, allowing for deeper sleep

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Reduced hair loss as a result of improved mood.

  • Pain in the joints and tendons has been reduced.

Technology of Gemstones: for thousands of years, gemstone technology has been used. It is an efficient, natural, non-invasive, and risk-free method of providing negative ions and grounding to the body. Furthermore, heated gemstones emit infrared rays that can penetrate beneath the skin's surface, increasing circulation and oxygenation to the surrounding muscles and tissues.

Gemstones can gently activate pressure points on the body for a relaxing effect when used with TheraPro's full spectrum infrared heat, similar to a hot stone session at a spa.
The gemstones in the TheraPro Healing Mat enable us to reap the benefits of nature while living in the modern world. Use the mat while working, watching TV, or sleeping.

    To promote healing, the TheraPro PEMF multi-therapeutic device incorporates four of the most healing gemstones. Grounding and energy field restoration is provided by amethyst, natural jade stone, natural black tourmaline, and paramagnetic earth materials.

    Gemstones can provide the following advantages:

    • Improved blood flow

    • Increased oxygenation

    • Healing time is reduced.

    • Enhanced relaxation

    • Reduced stiffness and pain

    Infrared Light with a Broad Spectrum

    Full Spectrum infrared heat raises core temperature and aids in detoxification. This is due to the fact that far infrared heat can penetrate deeply into the tissues.
    Full-spectrum infrared heat is a natural, safe, and soothing healing modality. Because it stimulates the release of endorphins, it is not uncommon to feel lighter and more energetic after a session.

      Full Spectrum Infrared has the following advantages:

      • Detoxification

      • Pain alleviation

      • Muscle tension has been reduced.

      • Enhanced relaxation

      • Circulation is now better.

      • Weight loss assistance

      • Skin that is less oily

      • Immune boosting

      TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a non-invasive method of providing short-term pain relief. Electrical impulses bombard the nervous system, impairing its ability to send pain signals to the brain. These electrical impulses, in addition to reducing pain signals from the spinal cord to the brain, can stimulate the production of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers.

      Electric nerve stimulation is not a new idea; it has been around for hundreds of years. Electricity is an excellent pain reliever because it can easily penetrate the body without destroying tissue.

      TENS is completely safe and has no side effects. To use, wrap adhesive pads around the affected area. Electrodes attached to the skin send low-voltage electrical impulses. During use, you may feel a slight tingling sensation or nothing at all. Pain relief should come next.

      TENS therapy is generally safe, but certain populations should avoid it or consult with their healthcare provider before using it. 

      TENS therapy has the following advantages:

      • Pain alleviation

      • Improved circulation in the area

      • Muscle tension and spasms have been reduced.

      • Relaxation and deeper sleep are encouraged.

      • Anxiety and depression have been reduced.

      • Enhanced range of motion

      TENS should not be used in the following areas:

      • Your cranium, face, or throat

      • Skin that is swollen, red, infected, or inflamed

      • On or near cancerous lesions, open wounds or rashes, or skin with abnormal sensation

      • At the same time, your backbone or the front and back of your chest.

      • It should not be used while bathing, showering, or sleeping.

      • Keep out of children's reach!

      • More information on TENS technology can be found here.

      Potential Benefits of PEMF:

      • Improved blood flow

      • Improved digestion

      • Deeper sleep

      • Relief from allergies

      • Improvements in athletic performance and recovery

      • Reduction in pain and tension

      • Improved mood

      • Sharper cognitive function

      • Improved drainage

      • Immune support

      • Improved energy

      Ions that are negatively charged

      Negative ions are simply electrically charged molecules floating in the atmosphere. Negative ions can be found in many places in nature, including the ground, water, trees, the air after lightning strikes, and the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.
        Negative ions have numerous advantages. When they enter the body, they cause a biochemical reaction that is beneficial to our health. These reactions improve our mood, energy, and overall well-being. Negative ions can also slow the aging process and lower the risk of developing chronic illnesses on a cellular level.
          The TheraPro Healing Pad's Gemstone technology emits negative ions.

            Negative ions have the following advantages:

            • Free radicals must be neutralized.

            • Improve immune function

            • Boost cell metabolism

            • Promote deep sleep and healthy digestion by balancing the nervous system.

            • In TheraPro, use negative ion therapy as follows: You receive negative ions whenever the pad is turned on.

             TheraPro is intended for those who:

            • Do you want to improve drainage?

            • Do you want to boost your immunity?

            • Do you have muscle or joint pain?

            • Is there any inflammation or swelling?

            • You have allergies.

            • Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance and recovery?

            • Have you got brain fog?

            • Have insomnia if you are physically or emotionally stressed

            • Have digestive problems?

            • Have ADHD, anxiety, mood issues, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, MCAS/POTS, parasites, mold, or Lyme disease?

            • Nerve dysfunction, such as numbness, tingling, or buzzing in the extremities

            • Have you got cold hands and feet?

            The TheraPro is the ONLY device in the world that combines gemstones, PEMF, red light, full-spectrum infrared, TENS, and negative ion technologies to provide powerful benefits.

            Plus, you can do it in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

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