Wearable Wireless TENS Stimulator Unit by iTENS

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Wearable Wireless TENS Stimulator Unit by iTENS

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Pain relief meets wearable tech: The First App-Controlled Wireless TENS Pain Relief Device.

The most advanced TENS device on the market with a beautifully designed APP.
The iTENS gives you the versatility needed for pain relief in those smaller areas, large areas and flexible parts. The patented motion mechanical wings grip and move easily on your ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, and other small treatment areas. The iTENS will give you up to 24 hours of use per charge for continuous pain relief. The gel pads are good for 10-12 applications.


  • REVOLUTIONARY APP-CONTROLLED DESIGN - The world's first FDA-cleared, OTC, wireless TENS therapy device that is controlled with an IOS or Android based app on your smartphone. Generation 2 devices have been upgraded to include compatibility with even more smart phones and tablets.
  • ROTATING ULTRA FLEXIBLE WINGS - This second generation of iTENS utilizes a brand new rotating wing design which gives 360 degrees of movement for full range-of-motion. The new wings are thinner and more flexible than ever for maximum comfort and utility with a laser printed silver conductive surface.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - Choose programs based on body part, pain condition, or make a custom manual program.
  • PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT MEDICATIONS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, works by sending tiny electrical signals through the skin to intercept pain signals from reaching the brain, and help release endorphins, the body's natural pain-fighting chemical.
  • TRACK YOUR RESULTS - Track your pain relief results before and after each session and see your long term results over time. iTENS lets you measure and report your pain scale, tracks your results, and charts your progress.
  • iTENS Device with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • One set of reusable Gel Pads
  • Charging dock with USB charging cable
  • Instructions
"Works really well. I love not having wires attached to it!"
- Brian C.
"I have tried many other electrotherapy devices on the market but wasn'thappy with the results until I stumbled across the iTens. The product works wirelessly with my iPhone and there's no cords to get in the way. It's an extremely practical device for someone who travels a lot like myself."
- Blake G.
"I have finally found a solution for my arthritic aches and pains!"
- R Cooper.
"I fell 2 stories at age 3, and my pain got so bad as an adult that I couldn't do a lot of everyday things. I've been using my itens for about 4 months now. I'm able to finally sit through SS and church service. I can go on car rides to visit friends and family. I end up turning it up pretty high the longer I sit, but it helps a lot! It's given me some of my life back".
- Kasey S.
Very nice product and very good quality. Fast delivery. Well packed. Thanks seller and good luck to your business.

John S.