Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel
Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel
Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel
Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel
Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel

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Thera Tri-Light Red Light Therapy Panel

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The "Tri-Lite" Panel is a soft, lightweight, and flexible device that emits powerful red and near-infrared therapeutic light frequencies. With its versatile and effective technology, it can be used to treat a variety of conditions, promoting healing and pain relief. Safe for all ages and easy to use, it offers a cost-effective and non-invasive way to receive the benefits of therapeutic light frequencies.


All of this is now accessible in a 30-minute treatment in the comfort of your own home at a reasonable price thanks to Therasage.

The "Tri-Lite" Panel emits high-powered red light and near-infrared frequencies from a soft, lightweight, and flexible panel. "Tri-Lite" is a Therasage-exclusive polychromatic Light Emitting Diode (LED) that produces therapeutic light frequencies in the red light spectrum from 600 to 680 nm, the near-infrared spectrum from 800 to 880 nm, and 900, 940, 960, and 980nm, all from a single diode.

    The ultimate purpose is to absorb light energy. What are the most efficient methods for achieving 98% Emissivity, and how does our Tri LIte achieve that... The strength of the light, the specialized light frequencies, the amount of time exposed to the rays, and the distance your body is from the light source all have a role in absorption.

      Each diode in the Tri-LiteTMM system has a different frequency. Each is powered by a 5w LED, delivering three times the amount of BioPhoton light energy as a single monochromatic LED. Furthermore, because we employ 110v / 220v electrical current to produce the light energy, Therasage can transfer nearly 98% of the energy deep into the cells and tissues.


      What advantages might you anticipate? The list is lengthy, but here are a few examples:

      • Improved microcirculation, improved blood oxygenation, lowered oxidative stress, improved natural production of Nitric Oxide, improved redox signaling molecules, enhanced natural production of collagen, skin enhancements, lowers inflammation, can help restore hair, reduces episodes of cold sores, heals scar tissue, reduces inching, anti-aging, pain management, and wound healing, to name a few.
      • The Tri-LiteTMM system's Near Infrared and Red light wavelengths assist the body in up-regulating cellular performance. There are numerous benefits of using biophoton energy or light treatment. Many of us enjoy the health benefits of sunlight every day, but many of us are unable to do so due to our hectic schedules and/or seasonal affects (like SADS). Each of the sun's beam frequencies has very particular and significant natural healing effects on our bodies.
      • What this means is that in order to get the most benefit from these powerful healing energies, your body must be exposed to them for the appropriate amount of time with the appropriate amount of energy (electrical power) for the photon (or light) energy to penetrate deep into our tissues and ultimately our cells (this is known as emissivity). In today's environment, being in the correct place at the exact right time for the exact right length of time can be difficult.

      How Often Should I Utilize Red Light?

      To get the most out of Infrared light therapy, make sure your body is properly hydrated. Like with other therapies, it is best to begin slowly and gradually. Further information should be obtained from your primary healthcare practitioner. The whole treatment time is 22 minutes. Every day for five (5) days a week. The panel can be placed directly on the skin or up to 8 inches away.

        High power and irradiance at 130mW/cm2 @ 6 "to your greatest advantage!

        Therasage is the only company that has undergone years of testing and inspection before being issued a Class II Medical Device "K" classification number by the FDA. Other Red Light enterprises promote FDA registration, which is merely a number obtained for import approval. The products of those companies are not FDA-approved medical devices.

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