SaeboGlove for Neurological Rehab for Hands, Fingers and Thumbs
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SaeboGlove for Neurological Rehab for Hands, Fingers and Thumbs

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A lightweight and has a low-profile functional design

SaeboGlove is a functional orthosis device to assist with everyday tasks.  It's independence at your finger tips so you can enjoy a better life with more functional freedom.

The cutting edge SaeboGlove helps clients suffering from neurological and orthopedic injuries incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home. The proprietary tension system extends the client's fingers and thumb following grasping. The lightweight, low-profile functional design is just one of the many innovative features that are offered with the SaeboGlove.

It's a cutting edge device that helps those who suffer from neurological and orthopedic injuries to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home.

Must be prescribed, fitted and measured by a therapist. Download the measurement guide. 


  • The SaeboGlove is designed for both individuals that have experienced a neurological injury such as stroke as well as orthopaedic injuries such as radial nerve palsy.
  • Clients that demonstrate arm and hand weakness (wrist drop/unable to open hand) and are unable to use their hand to perform everyday tasks are great candidates for this device.
  • The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from receiving Saebo treatment. Whether the client just had a stroke or orthopaedic injury, or if he or she suffered an injury years ago, the SaeboGlove can be of great benefit.
  • A licensed therapist will evaluate the client to make sure he or she meets the criteria before starting.
  • In order to qualify for the SaeboGlove , clients must be able to close or squeeze their hand minimally. In addition, clients must have minimal to no tightness or spasticity in the fingers or wrist.


Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboGlove typically exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Severe joint deformities in the hand or elbow.
  • Significant arthritis.
  • Mild-moderate tightness/spasticity or greater in the hand or elbow.
  • Moderate or severe swelling in the hand.
  • Open wounds.
  • Unable to follow basic commands.
  • Latex Warning: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction.


  • Spiral forearm design that secures the wrist in a functional position.
    Tensioners are located at the IP joints (interphalangeal joint) of the fingers and thumb to assist with extending the digits following grasping.
  • Individual Tensioners can be removed to customise assistance based on the client’s needs.
  • Numerous sized Tensioners included to accommodate various finger lengths.
  • Full joint finger motion possible to maximise functional performance.
  • Silicone covered finger tips to improve traction during grasping.
  • Non-slip liner to minimise migration.
  • Glove includes Lycra material for expandability.
  • Palm exposed to increase breathability and ease of donning.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

Low Profile. Simple, comfortable and elegant

Grab and release, with the  SaeboGlove hand recovery just got easier.  It's light and comfortable splint that allows an impaired arm and hand to regain function.

Normally, clients that have suffered a neurological injury such as stroke are unable to open or extend their fingers and their hand often is in a clenched or closed position.

The SaeboGlove assists with hand opening and closing (grasping and releasing).

The fingers and thumb are opened by a tensioner mechanism that looks like soft elastic bands. The tensioners are easy to put on and take off and offer multiple attachment sites for each finger, to customize the amount of help the client may need to open and close their hand. Individual tensioners may also be removed as the client makes progress.

By opening and closing the hand with the SaeboGlove, clients can retrain the brain and strengthen the muscles needed to perform daily tasks. It can also prevent tightening of the hand and shortening of the muscles, which can limit hand function even further.

“If you don’t use it you will lose it.”  With the client using his or her hand early and often following the injury, further loss of movement can be prevented and a faster recovery may occur.

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