Portable Vaginal Rejuvenation Wand by SoftCycle

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Portable Vaginal Rejuvenation Wand by SoftCycle

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  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – High powered LED red light therapy helps stimulate tissue regrowth resulting in a vaginal tightening effect.
  • VIBRATION – The vibration can help massage the red light therapy into the tissue. Creating a reflective array that disburses the red light.
  • THERAPEUTIC - Red light at 650NM can penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the tissue to stimulate blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients. BLUE light LED 477nm has the most significant impact on the surface layers of the skin and will leave you feeling fresh without affecting your delicate PH balance. It absorbs light and converts it to energy to help your vagina perform the natural way.
  • RESEARCH BASED - The combination of light wavelengths, energy density, treatment duration , and repetition has been researched heavily to deliver the best results. Red-light LEDS, gentle heat and sonic technology deliver results of increased circulation and improved vaginal health within few weeks by using this light device for 20--30mins per day. It has been shown to improve vaginal lubrication, sensation, pelvic strength, and sexual function.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 1 year warranty and fully refundable.

How does it work?

The female reproductive system creates numerous folds, and complex structures, located deep inside. The laser light shines bright and in a concentrated fashion to repair the damaged tissue and cells , activating the bodies natural processes. It stimulates the production of collagen and assists with vaginal tightening.

Red Light benefits:

Repairs damaged tissue and cells
Activates enzymes
Increases oxygen carrying capabilities of red blood cells as they absorb the laser energy
Stimulate and strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles through the massage mode. - Supporting the bladder and incontinence
Improve blood circulation and collagen production, helping to regenerate the tissue -Increasing vaginal tightness and mucosal output.

Blue light benefits:

Mild non-specific vaginitis
Mild cervical erosion
Columnar ectopy
Reduce vaginal bacteria- yeast infections
We suggest to use this device 1-2 times/day, 20 mins/use. Over the course of 30 days you should notice initial benefits.

What does gynecology 650nm low level laser therapy assist with?

Cervical Erosion.
Columnar Ectopy.
Vaginal Tightening.
Increase vaginal sensitivity.