Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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An Oxygen concentrator helps to supply concentrated oxygen, and removes toxicity from ambient air to deliver purified oxygen in its optimal quality. Our patented Oxygen Concentrator, supplies high oxygen purity level of 93% to 96% with a flow-rate between 0.5 to 5L per minute, helps individuals who suffer from respiratory disorder(s), as part of oxygen therapy or as a nebuliser. It is generally suitable for people from all walks of life, regardless of races, ages and health challenges at the time of need.


Breathe easy, stay strong with our oxygen concentrator.

9 Benefits Of The Buzud Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

Portable: Small, lightweight, and portable, making it easy for individuals to use it on-the-go or while traveling.

High oxygen output: The device is capable of delivering up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute, making it suitable for individuals with moderate to severe respiratory conditions.

Long battery life: The device has a long battery life with 2 batteries, allowing individuals to use each battery for up to 5.5 hours without needing to recharge. 

Easy to use: The device has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for individuals to operate it without needing assistance.

Customizable settings: The device has adjustable oxygen flow rates and other customizable settings, allowing individuals to tailor their oxygen therapy to their specific needs.

Quiet operation: The device operates quietly, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings, including at home or in a healthcare facility.

Low maintenance: The device requires minimal maintenance, which can help to reduce the cost and time associated with upkeep.

Affordable: An affordable option for individuals who need oxygen therapy regularly. This can make it easier for individuals to manage their healthcare costs without compromising on the quality of care they receive.

Durable: The device is built to last, with a sturdy and reliable construction that can withstand frequent use. Includes a sturdy and durable shoulder bag.

Medically Safe Oxygen Purity Levels & Customizable Flow Rates 

To ensure that the therapy is effective, the patient must receive a consistent and appropriate supply of oxygen that is neither insufficient nor excessive to support their respiratory function.

Advanced Oxygen Purification Process

BUZUD’s Oxygen Concentrator does not use chemical processes to purify oxygen in the air. Instead, we use cryogenic distillation, which removes the risk of any unsafe chemical byproducts in the output oxygen.

1. Oxygen is extracted and filtered with BUZUD’s proprietary molecular sieve technology, then put through a high heat and pressure purification process.

2. Purification is carried out in batches, using a cryogenic distillation process. The machine uses a highly-priced noble metal catalytic repository to cool the gas. Then through heat exchange, it absorbs and refines the raw oxygen.

3. Using the molecular sieve technology again, the byproducts of the high heat and pressure processes are filtered out and pure oxygen is delivered to the patient.

Recommended For:

  • Source Of Oxygen For Asthmatic/Hypoxic Users At Home
  • Mobile Oxygen Supply For Asthmatic/Hypoxic Users On The Go
  • Get Better Sleep With An Oxygen Therapy Session Before Bed
  • Suitable For Emergencies That Require Oxygen Supplementation

Weight: 1.98kg (4.37 lbs) net, includes single battery

Dimensions: 7.21 x 3.39 x 7.84 inch (~183 x 86 x 199 mm)

Flow Rate: 1 – 5L

Oxygen Density: 93% +/- 3%

Sound Level: </= 38dB(A)

Warranty: 10000 hours working time

Continuous Working Time: 2 Batteries of up to 5.5 hours each on flow setting 1


Storage Environment:

Temperature Range: -20o C - +55OC

Humidity Range: 10%~90%, and no condensation

Pressure Range: 70kPa – 106kPa


Extra Features:

Adopts PSA technology, uses physical method to harness >90% pure oxygen from surrounding air.

Advanced oil-free compressor, save 10% power energy.

24 hours continuous working setting available.