Neck Traction with Ratchet Tight Technology by Theratrac Glide

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Neck Traction with Ratchet Tight Technology by Theratrac Glide

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Theratrac Glide is a professional grade neck traction unit which provides cervical decompression to relieve neck pain.

With adjustable width, incline, and stretch level, you can find a comfort in an effective unit designed to relieve herniated discs, radiculopathy, osteoarthritis, and pain or headaches due to soft tissue or joint stiffness. The Theratrac Glide is a clinical grade cervical traction device, utilizing an easy to use dial and cable ratchet system that applies traction to while in the supine position.


  • Easy to Use Control This cervical traction device has an easy to use handheld controller.
  • Adjusts to Neck Width Turn the knobs to change the width of the neck support to accommodate all sizes.
  • Choose your Intensity Pick how far your stretch goes with the intensity knob. You'll want a nice stretch that's not painful. The old adage "No pain, no gain" is a complete lie.
  • Highest Level Quality You get pro quality traction without the visit to the chiropractor.
Very nice product and very good quality. Fast delivery. Well packed. Thanks seller and good luck to your business.

John S.