Icy Cold Compression Wrap For Hand, Wrist, Arm

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Icy Cold Compression Wrap For Hand, Wrist, Arm

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There's no time to be bogged down by wrist and hand pain, you need relief to get you back in action as soon as possible.

Cold compression therapy for your hand and wrist not only helps relieve pain, it will also help to minimize and control painful swelling and inflammation. This cold therapy wrap uses complete all-around cold coverage, wrapping your hand and wrist for thorough coverage and treatment. Like a little at-home freezer, this wrap acts like a compression ice pack, making it simple and easy to use, never complicated. Pain and swelling caused bycarpal tunnel syndrome, strained tendons or muscles, surgery, osteoarthritis, muscle tension, injured ligaments and tendons, sports injuries, sprains, breaks, and fatigue can all be relieved with one simple ice compression wrap. A manual hand pump allows you to get the exact amount of compression you need. A universal fit means you need to look no further for your size and a high-quality industrial design makes this cold therapy wrap durable to treat you through many uses. Secure straps mean that therapeutic cold stays in place and gives you relief exactly where you need it the most. Its removable gel liners can be put in the freezer between uses for convenient and easy reuse, making it a great value economically and invaluable to your healing process and pain relief.