Icy Cold Compression Wrap For Back

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Icy Cold Compression Wrap For Back

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We understand that you need to be back in action as soon as possible, and our compression back wrap can help you get the relief and quicker recovery needed to get you there.

It will also help to minimize and control painful swelling and inflammation that can slow you down. This cold therapy wrap for backs uses complete all-around cold coverage.Like a little at-home freezer, this wrap acts like a compression ice pack, making it simple and easy to use, never complicated. Pain and swelling caused by strained tendons or muscles, surgery, osteoarthritis, muscle tension, injured ligaments and tendons, sports injuries and fatigue, pulled muscles, and sprains can all be relieved with one simple ice compression wrap.

A manual handpump allows you to get the exact amount of compression you need. A universal fit means you need to look no further for your size and a high-quality industrial design makes this cold therapy wrap durable to treat you through many uses. Secure straps mean that therapeutic cold stays in place and gives you relief exactly where you need it the most. Its removable gel liners can be put in the freezer between uses for convenient and easy reuse, making it a great value economically and invaluable to your healing process and pain relief.

  • QUICKLY ALLEVIATE BACK OR RIB PAIN: Over the counter pain relievers can take time to kick in, but you need pain relief right now! Cryo-compression therapy combines two beneficial elements for easing your pain and soreness-cold temperatures and compression-that work quickly to target pain at the sourceand get you feeling better in a short time.
  • SPEEDY RECOVERY AFTER INJURY OR SURGERY: Life doesn't stop when your injured or recovering and you need to get back to it as quickly as possible. That can be hard to do when you're in pain or need time to heal. A cold therapy compression wrap reduces pain-causing inflammation and swelling, helping you to have a quicker recovery.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS: Life can be unpredictable, so having a pain relieving cold compression wrap for whatever comes your way is an essential part of your health management. Whether you're recovering from back surgery, dealing with inflammation or swelling in your back or ribs, or need healing relief for sports injuries, this cold cure freezie wrap can provide all-around relief for whatever ails you.
  • NO OTHER SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Why buy costly specialized equipment when you don't need to. Trying to get regular ice packs to stay in just the right place on your back or ribs can be like an athletic fete, but a cold cure wrap for your back or ribs stays securely in place and gives you relief right where you need it. The manual pump allows you to quickly and easily increase compression to a level that's comfortable for you.
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE WAIST/BACK/RIB WRAP: You would love to have more freedom of movement without the pain, but that might require treatment multiple times during the day. Not to worry, this well-designed compression wrap can handle it. Made with high-quality materials, you'll get a long life out of back compression wrap and be able to keep it for future use.