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Hand Attachment - Cold Water Therapy Mitt

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The Water Therapy Mitt is an excellent attachment option for therapy that needs complete coverage of the hand. This mitten style pad is designed for use with hot or cold water therapy units. This listing is for the Mitt as an accessory item, and does not include a cryotherapy machine. Application is an easy slip-on/off opening.

When you need professional quality treatment to help with post surgical recovery, injuries, or chronic issues, in the comfort and convenience of your own home, cold water therapy units may be the right solution for you. Our water therapy pads are hospital grade equipment, so you can receive the very best care whenever and wherever you need it.

Cryo cool units give your body localized support to get straight to the problem with cold (or hot) water is circulated around the injured body part. Circulating ice water therapy settings can cool and soothe inflamed areas and allow you to freely move your joints, unlike unsecured ice packs that can frustratingly change position and fall off with any movement you make.

Quick-connect-disconnect couplings allow for easy on/off, better, less leaky connection than competitors.


  • HAND PAD: This cold therapy mitt is designed for cryotherapy machines for the hand. When you need therapy for the hand, fingers, palm, and wrist this is the accessory for you. This mitten style pad fully envelops the hand for complete care.
  • WORKS WITH MANY SYSTEMS: There are a range of circulating water therapy systems available, and our pads fit most models. For those that aren't directly compatible, we offer a conversion pairing that can be changed out in many existing systems. **COUPLING CONVERTER MAY BE REQUIRED - SEE OUR INFOGRAPHIC ON COMPATIBILITY**
  • HEALING THERAPY: Cold therapy units provide cooling relief to trouble areas to help reduce swelling. They can provide pain relief for more chronic conditions, sports injuries, and surgery recovery. Our pads can be used with both hot and cold units.
  • CONTINUOUS FLOW: Ice cold water is invigorating to your body and can help get your body game-ready in less time. Encourage your body to heal with increased blood flow and manage your discomfort caused by traumatic injuries or post-operative pain.
  • INSULATED TUBING: Keep water cooler for longer with the insultated tubing on your cold water therapy pad. As the water exists the circulating ice machine, the tubing prevents water from warming as quickly by protecting it from outside temperatures.

Take control of your recovery at your own convenience.