EZ Lift Assist
EZ Lift Assist
EZ Lift Assist
EZ Lift Assist
EZ Lift Assist
EZ Lift Assist

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EZ Lift Assist

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The EZ Lift Assist is an innovative device designed to aid mobility-disabled individuals who need assistance getting to and from the bathroom. It boasts impressive features such as a weight capacity of 425 pounds, a rechargeable battery, and a removable IV drip bag holder, making it a practical and versatile solution for patients and caregivers alike.


Empowering mobility-disabled individuals to move with dignity and ease.

Superior and safer than a Patient Sling Lift. The EZ Lift Assist is a ground-breaking innovation developed to help mobility-impaired people who have trouble getting to and from the toilet without assistance. This one-of-a-kind technology transports people who are unable to stand or walk without assistance in a secure, easy, and dignified manner. Carers may simply transfer patients from a bed or chair to the bathroom with the EZ Lift Assist without risk of damage.

This revolutionary device has a strong 96W electric motor and locking 360-degree casters for optimal stability and control. The EZ Lift Assist, with a weight restriction of 425 pounds, can easily accommodate most patients, ensuring their safety and comfort. The device's rechargeable lithium battery can run continuously for up to 12-15 days, making it perfect for usage in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

The EZ Lift Assist also includes a retractable IV drip bag holder, allowing patients to receive intravenous therapy while travelling. Furthermore, the device has patient footrests and is a perfect fit for most bathrooms, making it versatile and simple to use in a variety of settings.

The EZ Lift Assist provides improved patient support and a higher weight limit when compared to typical patient sling lifts, making it an excellent solution for patients with complex mobility demands. The EZ Lift Assist, unlike typical sling lifts, does not confine patients, giving them better comfort and freedom of mobility. Furthermore, the device reduces the need for carers to perform heavy lifting, lowering the danger of damage and strain.

The EZ Lift Assist was created with safety in mind, lowering the danger of falls and injuries that are frequent among the elderly. According to data, more than 33% of persons over the age of 65 slip and fall each year, with injuries occurring most frequently while getting on and off the toilet. Carers may protect the safety of patients by lowering the danger of falls and injuries and delivering a more comfortable and dignified experience with the EZ Lift Assist.

To summarise, the EZ Lift Assist is an innovative and practical solution for mobility-disabled people who need help getting to and from the bathroom. This gadget, with its improved features and superior safety precautions, provides a simple, safe, and dignified solution for patients and carers alike.

The EZ Lift Assist is a top-quality device that offers several essential features for those who need assistance with mobility. Here are ten outstanding features of the EZ Lift Assist:

  • Impressive Weight Capacity: With a weight capacity of 425 lbs, the EZ Lift Assist is an excellent solution for patients who need more support while transferring to and from the bathroom.
  • Easy to Use: The device is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for both patients and caregivers to operate.
  • Removable IV Drip Bag Holder: The EZ Lift Assist comes with a removable IV drip bag holder, which is a convenient feature for patients who require intravenous therapy.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The device has a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 12-15 days of use, ensuring that it's always ready when needed.
  • USB Charging Port: The EZ Lift Assist has a USB charging port, allowing patients or caregivers to charge their mobile devices while using the device.
  • Perfectly Sized: With a width of only 25 inches, the EZ Lift Assist is perfectly sized to fit into most bathrooms, making it easy to move around.
  • Patient Foot Rests: The device features footrests that provide added support and comfort to patients while using the device.
  • Locking 360 Degree Casters: The device has locking 360-degree casters, ensuring stability and safety while moving the patient.
  • Multiple Use Options: The EZ Lift Assist is versatile and can be used in various settings, including homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.
  • Safer than a Patient Sling Lift: The EZ Lift Assist is a safer alternative to a patient sling lift. It offers better patient support, eliminates the risk of patient confinement, and makes it easy to load and move patients without heavy lifting

The EZ Lift Assist is an excellent solution for patients who require assistance with mobility. Its outstanding features make it an ideal device for use in homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. With its impressive weight capacity, rechargeable battery, and removable IV drip bag holder, the EZ Lift Assist provides both patients and caregivers with the comfort and convenience they need.

The EZ Lift Assist provides numerous human health benefits for mobility-disabled individuals and their caregivers. Here are ten health benefits of using the EZ Lift Assist:

  • Enhanced Safety: With the EZ Lift Assist, mobility-disabled individuals can safely and easily be transported from their bed or chair to the bathroom, without the risk of falling or causing injury.
  • Increased Independence: By eliminating the need for physical strength or standing, the EZ Lift Assist empowers mobility-disabled individuals to perform daily tasks independently.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: The EZ Lift Assist reduces the risk of injury associated with getting on and off the toilet or moving from one place to another.
  • Improved Comfort: The available full seat cushion option provides added comfort for the mobility-disabled individual during transport.
  • Easy to Use: The EZ Lift Assist is easy to use, making it simple for caregivers to transport mobility-disabled individuals without any heavy lifting.
  • Versatility: With multiple use options, the EZ Lift Assist can be used for various daily activities, such as transporting individuals from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to car.
  • Durability: With a 425-pound weight capacity and a rechargeable long-lasting battery, the EZ Lift Assist is built to last and can accommodate larger individuals with ease.
  • Convenience: The removable IV drip bag holder and USB charging port add convenience for caregivers during transport.
  • Safer than a Patient Sling Lift: Compared to a patient sling lift, the EZ Lift Assist offers superior patient support, higher weight limits, and eliminates patient confinement.
  • Peace of Mind: Using the EZ Lift Assist can provide peace of mind for both the mobility-disabled individual and their caregivers, knowing that they can be safely transported without the risk of injury.

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