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Compact 4 Power Scooter by MobiJoe

Sale price$2,770.00

The Compact 4 Power Scooter by MobiJoe is a premium mobility scooter designed to be compact and powerful.

Firm construction and a lightweight frame allow the scooter to be folded up and packed away with ease. The electromagnetic braking system, combined with an adjustable handlebar control setup, allows the user to feel completely in control of the MobiJoe. Travel over 11 miles on a single battery charge and return to full power in just 5 hours so you can keep moving the whole day.
  • DESIGNED TO COME WITH YOU: The ultra compact, folding design means that you can take the MobiJoe wherever you need it. When folded, the scooter is only 14 inches high and 28 inches long. This means it can be conveniently stored into any trunk space with ease so you can take it with you when you travel. Stay mobile with the MobiJoe!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Made with an extremely lightweight and tough aluminum alloy, the MobiJoe Compact 4 Scooter weighs in at only 48 pounds while equipped with a fully charged battery. The modest frame can still support a max load of 265 pounds while operating at full speed.
  • STAY MOBILE ALL DAY: The MobiJoe Compact 4 Scooter is designed to keep you moving for the whole day. The Lithium Ion battery quickly charges in just 5 hours and can travel over 11 miles in a single charge. The battery is removable for easier transportation so you can recharge on the go.
  • EASY CONTROL: Our scooter comes equipped with handlebars to allow for easy operation with simple controls. The handlebars are adjustable so you can remain stable while sitting. The MobiJoe also uses an electromagnetic braking system that can stop on a dime. Don’t let any obstacles get in your way of living to the fullest!
  • MOBIJOE GUARANTEE: All of our scooter parts are packed with their own warranties so you can rest easy! Check our manual for more information.

Technical Specifications:
Material- Aluminum alloy
Unfolded Size- 37in* 18.5in * 36.2in
Folded Size- 21.6in* 18.5in * 14.3in
Carrying Capacity- 265lbs
Engine Type- 180W 24V motors
Battery Specs- 24V 6AH lithium battery
Top Speed- 3.7 MPH
Max Distance- 11 Miles
Front Wheels- 6.5”* 2” PU solid wheels
Rear Wheels-7.5”* 2” PU solid wheels
Climbing Slope- Max 7°
Total Charge Time- 5 hours
Seat Width- 18.5in, Seat Depth- 15.7 inches, Seat Height- 21.7 inches
Turning Radius- 900mm
Weight Without Batteries- 44lbs, Weight With Battery- 48.5lbs.