Automatic Neck Traction Device by Dynamic Wedge Cervical

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Automatic Neck Traction Device by Dynamic Wedge Cervical

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Dynamic Wedge Cervical is an Automatic Neck Traction Device with adjustable heat therapy, electrotherapy, and multifunction air traction for relief from neck pain, spinal pressure, neckbone tension, stiff chronic pain, and disc alignment.
This is a one-of-a-kind tool that delivers pneumatic cervical traction that lifts the neck to provide an incline traction. While in the incline position, the Dynamic Wedge emits heat and electrotherapy to relieve muscles, intensify the stretch and relieve pain.
Package includes the device and controller. Comes with 1-year warranty.


  • ELECTRONIC TRACTION - The Dynamic Wedge Pneumatic cervical traction device creates an incline traction that helps realign the cervical vertebra.
  • RELIEVE PAIN - Cervical traction is an effective process that helps relieve the ails of bad posture, muscle rigidity, and pain
  • HEAT THERAPY - The heat combined with the cervical stretch helps increase the stretch and loosen tight muscles.
  • FREQUENCY IMPULSES - Frequency impulses help conduct to the nerves to block pain signals and relieve pain.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Compact and easy to use and store.WARRANTY - 1 year warranty and Satisfaction Guaranteed.