All Terrain 4WD Recreational Power Wheelchair
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All Terrain 4WD Recreational Power Wheelchair

Sale price$15,900.00
options:With Beach Tyres

All-Terrain Recreational 4WD Power Wheelchair Vehicle with all-terrain capabilities

It has a 4-Wheel Drive & Gyro system that can handle rugged terrain including steep slopes, snow, sandy beaches, muddy or bumpy roads etc. With its unique gyro balance system, you can even climb stairs!

Often it can be frustrating when you face curbs and steps, and sometimes you may want to explore and adventure out. Let PW-4x4Q help you to overcome these frustrations.


Top Speed: 4.4 mph Slope Angle: 30 deg*
Full Charge Range: 15 miles** Total Weight: 315 Lbs.
Weight Capacity: 330 Lbs. Turning Radius: 19" (0-turn)

All-Terrain Recreational Vehicle (PW-4x4Q)

There are many obstacles outside, especially if you are active and enjoy outdoor activities. PW-4x4Q is an all-terrain recreational vehicle/wheelchair that can help you overcome most of the environments you might encounter outdoors (For instance steps, snow, steep slopes, sandy beach, muddy or bumpy roads etc.).

The Gyro System automatically adjusts the seat angle which allows your body to maintain an upright position while climbing stairs or slopes. It also enables the seat to power tilt-in-space for more comfort.

It can climb up and down the stairs as high as 15cm (6″) at 25 degrees.  When traveling on a flat surface, you can operate with only 3 wheels to save electricity. (Just drop the 5th wheel and engage it to work with the 2 front wheels together).

It can travel up to 24km (15 miles) with 3 wheels and 18km (11 miles) with 4WD. Assuming the user weighs 75KG (165 lb).  The top driving speed is 7km/hr (4.35 mph)

The vehicle uses Li-ion Batteries (More durable and efficient vs. the traditional Lead Acid Batteries).

Engineered to be able to make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 123cm (48.4″).

The lower seat has been improved for more effortless transfer and better stability.  And the 5th wheel is now at a new position with a better structure to ensure energy-saving and durability.


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Please note:

Upon purchase, you will be emailed an assessment form to complete. You will need to fill it out with your measurements and a few other pieces of information that is needed for your wheelchair. Thanks!

Optional Extra:

Beach tyres can be added to your order for an extra $900 USD. These robust tyres are designed for the roughest terrain. Please see the last two images for reference.