What You Need To Know About PEMF For Treating Tinnitus!

Tinnitus is a condition where a person hears noises not caused by sounds from the outside world. Recently this phenomenon has become prevalent and is quite common with exposure to high levels of noise pollution. While it doesn't usually isn't a sign of anything serious, it can be treated. 

One of the treatments gathering more and more traction is using PEMF for treating Tinnitus. PEMF therapy is an electromagnetic treatment people have been trying to reduce Tinnitus symptoms, and the results are promising. 

Home Rehab provides high-quality home rehabilitation solutions, one of the most popular categories in our PEMF solutions. Due to our line of work, we face plenty of questions about PEMF, and we are often asked about PEMF for Tinnitus. 

So we decided to address the topic here. In the following, we will talk about Tinnitus, what PEMF therapy can do for it and whether it is viable. So without any further delay, let's check it out!

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, & Other Things

According to the NIDCD, back in 2008, around 10% of adults in the US had experienced Tinnitus 485hat lasted at least 5 minutes. 

The primary reason for rising Tinnitus is often attributed to noise pollution. That's why experts believe that the current number is significantly higher as noise pollution levels in the world have increased. 

The rise of personal electronics like boomboxes, earphones, and headsets has only compounded the issue. The rapid growth of the manufacturing and farming sectors is also responsible for increasing occupation-related losses and Tinnitus worldwide. 

The entertainment industry is another significant cause of hearing problems like Tinnitus, which affects everyone from the staff to customers, and the damage can last a lifetime. Mobile phones can even pose a risk to users as they emit ultra-high frequency electromagnetic radiation, affecting the cells. 

The problem can be even more compounded if there's a preferred side when using a phone. So if you have been using phones for ten years, you should go to the doctor and check your ears. 

How Can PEMF Therapy Help Treat Tinnitus?

PEMF therapy has provided some promising results in treating Tinnitus. The electromagnetic treatment increases blood flow which promotes repairing the damaged nerve tissue. 

As a result, there are instances where PEMF therapy not only reduced the symptoms but eliminated the problem. According to experts, nine out of ten patients experience significant improvement if they get long-term treatment regularly. 

In addition, PEMF therapy has an excellent track record of treating several symptoms. Here is a list of what PEMF therapy has a proven track record in:

  • Pain relief (arthritis, headache and migraine, toothache, and many more).
  • Sleep improvement.
  • Better oxygenation and circulation of the blood.
  • It aids in reducing stress and helps with relaxation. 
  • Immunity booster.
  • Aids in recovery from injuries and operations.

PEMF therapy also has a track record in treating inflammatory middle ear disease as it relieves pain and inflammation. It also promotes blood flow, ensuring better drug penetration to the affected tissue. 

Electromagnetic therapy is also known to prevent these conditions from becoming chronic while reducing treatment and recovery time. 

What Does The Research Say?

As you already know, PEMF has promising applications for treating Tinnitus and hearing loss. You can find wearable PEMF devices that can help treat ear problems. However, there's more to it as it can also treat ear aches and limit ear infections. 

Neurologists have found that PEMF can also help rehabilitate people who have suffered strokes which can be attributed to its ability to amplify cellular regeneration and improve brain function. 

Research has also shown that PEMF encourages tissue and cartilage regeneration and prevents age-related muscle and bone loss. When it comes to PEMF therapy, the best results come with daily use. 

Still, the traditional PEMF devices like the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices usually need a professional setup. So experts always recommend getting portable PEMF devices you can keep in your home and carry with you if needed. 

It would be best if you kept in mind that Tinnitus can often stem from the brain's auditory center. Hence, some studies are researching the effects of brain stimulation using PEMF therapy for treating Tinnitus. 

Since PEMF has cellular regenerative effects, it is widely believed that electromagnetic therapy applied directly to the ear will provide outstanding results for everything from Tinnitus, injury, inflammation, infections, or allergies. 

One recent study from the University of Turku in Finland conducted a randomized 6-month trial and follow-up study to see if coil placement is essential in treating ailments. The results were similar, where it was evident that intensity and exposure time are significant factors in getting good results. 

A German study found that pulsed magnetic stimulation and other auditory stimulation helped reduce the ringing in the ear. However, further research is ongoing to find out where PEMF therapy should be targeted on the brain for controlled clinical treatment of Tinnitus. 

In another 2012 study from the Capital Medical University in Beijing, the Department of Otolaryngology evaluated five trials with 160 patients, found no risk from magnetic stimulation for chronic Tinnitus, and determined that it is a viable therapeutic tool. 

In one study from the Weill-Cornell Medical College, scientists treated one patient with chronic Tinnitus. They found that electromagnetic therapy reduced the symptoms by 60%. 

The Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine published a comparison study where TMS was applied to different parts of the brain and found that regular treatment with 1Hz provided significant benefits.

The Takeaway

As you can see, research clearly shows plenty of benefits to using PEMF therapy to treat Tinnitus. With regular use, even chronic symptoms can be managed. There are hundreds of studies worldwide where it's evident that PEMF therapy can help with treating Tinnitus. 

However, it would be best if you remembered that results vary from person to person as they are based on a wide range of factors like age, physiology, and several other factors. 

Remember, studies with higher frequencies are rare, but those show even more tremendous promise for treating Tinnitus. But you should consult your physician when considering PEMF therapy for Tinnitus or other ailments. 

And that's about it for today. If you have more questions about PEMF therapy or our products, contact us or drop them in the comments below, and we will answer them all. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!