Advanced Laser Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss

People are moving away from expensive physician-administered treatments to more cost-effective and less invasive procedures. Laser therapy is now the preferred treatment option for the elderly demographic, patients with multiple chronic conditions, and people with malabsorption syndromes. 

Expect to see more dermatologists interested in learning about advanced laser therapy's best practices in the near future. However, Laser Light Therapy of any type does not replace traditional medical procedures or treatments; remember that. It works in conjunction with them only. 

This blog post is for those who don't know what advanced laser therapy is and how it can help with hair loss problems. So, let's get started. 

What Is Advanced Laser Therapy?

Advanced Laser Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, utilizes low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth. Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in treating hair loss and thinning hair without any negative side effects. 

It can be used by both men and women, and when combined with other treatments, like Minoxidil, it can provide an even more powerful treatment for those experiencing hair loss. Advanced Laser Therapy can also help in treating other scalp issues, such as dandruff or an oily scalp.

History of Laser Hair Therapy

Before knowing more about this treatment, we need to dig a little deeper into the history of laser therapy.  

Laser therapy was first developed in 1964 by Dr. Donald Strickland in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was initially used as an alternative to chemical hair coloring to help patients who were sensitive to harsh chemicals or did not want to damage their natural hair color. '

Dr. Strickland noticed that using a low-level light source placed directly on the scalp caused pigment build-up that changed the natural color of hair and skin without affecting other parts of the body (e.g., eyebrows). He named his method "non-invasive cosmetic surgery" because it could be performed without cutting or damaging any tissue. 

In addition, Dr. Strickland's system provided safe and effective treatments by applying heat (rather than chemicals) directly to a portion of the head and scalp with no risk for infection or scarring.

How Does Advanced Hair Laser Therapy Work?

Advanced Laser Therapy (ALT) is used to treat and combat hair loss. It works by increasing blood flow to the scalp and stimulating the hair follicles. Increased blood flow to hair follicles brings in more nutrients, which improves the quality of your hair. 

The laser light also stimulates cell metabolism and cell regeneration, so it can stimulate the hair follicle cells to produce more hairs.

In summary, laser therapy for hair loss has been proven effective for promoting new growth because it can stimulate existing hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger hairs that are less likely to fall out prematurely.

Problems with Advanced Laser Hair Therapy

There are some disadvantages of this treatment: 

  • Cost is high. Laser treatment is more expensive than other hair regrowth treatments. 
  • It doesn't work for everyone. In some cases, the laser treatment may not stop hair loss completely.
  • Risks and side effects. Laser hair therapy's risks and side effects include irritation, redness, blisters, and scarring. 

Additionally, the procedure can sometimes darken your skin or lighten it in surrounding areas where there is no hair growth through a process called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment

Advanced laser therapy for hair loss treatment is an innovative technique that has helped countless men and women revitalize their scalp and grows new, healthy hair. This painless process is usually performed at a clinic or with at home devices and can be added to your hair care routine. 

The procedure involves a unique combination of lasers, light therapy, and a special shampoo that contains Minoxidil. A technician will use the appropriate wavelength to stimulate your scalp's cells to grow healthy hair follicles. The entire process takes around 60-90 minutes to complete. Some patients have seen noticeable results as soon as seven weeks later!

This procedure has very few side effects when performed by a trained laser technician, so you don't have to worry about any long-term health risks while taking steps towards regaining your confidence. Most insurance companies don't cover advanced laser therapy, so it may cost you several hundred dollars per session. Also, keep in mind that you have to purchase the special shampoo for home use.

Final Words 

If you're losing your hair, it's important to find a treatment option that works for you. Along with medication and surgery, advanced laser therapy is one possible way to stop hair loss and stimulate new growth. But the ultimate question comes down to this, "Is it right for you?" 

Laser hair therapy can be effective for some people, but it is not effective for everyone. The FDA has approved some types of lasers as devices that promote healthy hair growth but not as medical devices to treat baldness or thinning hair. So, ultimately, it comes down to you whether using it for your condition or not!