Blue Light Therapy For Hair Loss: All You Need To Know

Hair loss is an embarrassment for all, depression for many, and devastating for a few. What causes this hair loss? Well, several reasons are there; however, the most crucial is your scalp health.

But how to take care of your hair? Let me help; how about Blue LED light therapy for hair loss treatment.

LED light therapy is a great way to treat hair loss. In fact, blue light therapy helps immensely with inflammatory scalp conditions and androgenetic alopecia, leading to hair loss. It also promotes tissue oxygenation, blood circulation, hair follicle stimulations, etc., helping both men and women.

Are you still confused? Stay with us to learn all you need to know about blue light therapy and hair loss treatment.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

Before we learn about blue light therapy, we need to understand what LED therapy is and how it works.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that has superb healing properties. A study has found that this light can boost healing wounds and sores by stimulating cell and tissue growth.

Further studies found that the LED light also helps in your beauty care and promotes healing and health.

Currently, many dermatologists and estheticians apply LED thigh therapy with additional treatments to treat several skin and hair issues.

Additional treatments include-

  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Facials
  • LED masks
  • Laser cap

You may ask, how many types of light are there? A few different types with several wavelengths serve their unique purposes. Each consists of different colors that, in various depths, penetrate your skin.

The lights include-

  • Blue Light - penetrates the uppermost layer and eliminates acne-causing bacteria.
  • Yellow Light - Infiltrates deep and promotes wound healing and skin hydration.
  • Red Light - penetrates deeper, reduces inflammation, and stimulates collagen production.
  • Near-Infrared Light - Travel deepest and promotes collagen and elastin production.

Blue Light Therapy For Hair Loss

Blue Light Therapy For Hair Loss - Home Rehab Equipment

Blue light therapy is an effective, non-painful way to fight hair loss and boost hair growth. The light usually penetrates the upper layer of skin and treats conditions on the skin or under it. To be precise, blue light only affects those areas where the light can penetrate.

The light is a natural violet or bluish light and often combines with photosynthesizing (or light-sensitive) drugs and a high-intensity light source. This two help activate the function of the blue LED light.

The light manages molecules within the skin that cause P. acne bacteria to form during the treatment. These molecules produce free radicals that destroy the acne-causing bacteria, lower oil-producing glands and tighten your skin.

As a result, your hair becomes more manageable.

It has a relaxing effect on your scalp as it reduces inflammation, supports your cells, and creates a surrounding perfect for hair growth. They offer-

  • Follicles expansion
  • Thick hair
  • Hair growth
  • Decrease hair loss

How Affective Is Blue Light Therapy For Hair Loss

Hair growth is like a plant. It needs sunlight to create its fuel, turning the light into cellular energy. Light therapy - quite the same - stimulates cellular activities by turning soothing light into cellular energy.

This non-invasive treatment is highly effective for hair growth. After all, hair growth increases when you have a strong and healthy scalp and follicles. Blue light therapy increases metabolism, calms perifollicular inflammation, heals the treated area, and stimulates hair follicle regeneration.

Thus, your hair loss reduces, and hair growth increases.

The Procedure

Blue light therapy is a simple procedure that doesn’t contain any blood and pain. It is an in-office procedure, taking around an hour only. So, you are not missing your work or any important appointment.

The healthcare provider showers your scalp with warm, soothing blue light at 420nm during the procedure. The wavelength of this light is safe, so there is no risk here.

Usually, you have to wear goggles to cover your eyes from the light. However, the light is on a safe wavelength; it’s wise to put them. In addition, you need to keep your scalp dry and clean prior to the procedure.

Usually, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the procedure. As LED light therapy is not like UV lights and laser treatment, the method is safe and painless with no added risks.

Blue light therapy usually uses light energy and turns it into biological or cellular energy (ATP) to stimulate your regenerative metabolism. As a result, your scalp, especially the affected area, gets healed and rejuvenated, leading to hair growth.

You can compare this Light therapy process to a plant’s photosynthesis process, transforming sunlight into cellular energy to create chlorophyll. And who doesn't that chlorophyll indeed is the fuel of their living?

When the provider baths your scalp with even and precise wavelengths of light, 3 things happen-

  • Your blood flow increases in the affected area,
  • Inflammation reduces,
  • And your hair follicles get increased nutrients,

As a result, new hair follicles expand, regenerate, and you get thick and beautiful hair.

The Result

It depends on your hair condition and treatment procedure. However, you have to realize that your hair fall issue is not a sudden incident of one day. Therefore, you have to give time to the therapy to provide 100% results.

Generally, you can notice significant changes and improvement about 2 to 3 months. Trust me; the result is so pleasing that you forget about the long wait.

Blue Light Therapy For Hair Loss: Sessions and Maintenance

The main target of blue light therapy for your hair loss problem is to regenerate hair follicles by converting light energy to biological energy. The procedure highly impacts your cellular activities, reducing inflammation and boosting follicles re-growth. However, you need several sessions advised by your provider and proper maintenance to achieve the optimum result.

Usually, the providers recommend 8 to 10 light therapy in two to three weeks. Usually, the therapy aims for 6 months of treatment. After 6 months, you have to follow the maintenance treatment.

However, the maintenance therapy recommendation is every 1 to 2 months, at an even interval.

What Is The Recovery Time?

The best part of blue light therapy is there is no downtime and recovery period for this procedure. You can go to your regular schedule just after the treatment.

Risk And Side Effects of  Blue Light Therapy

Light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that rarely poses any threat or risk to your health. The providers use safe wavelengths and procedures that cause no pain or harm. In addition, there is no scarring, burning, or discoloration.

However, highly rare; you may face a few side effects that include-

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Rash

Is A Laser Hair Growth Cap Effective?

A laser hair growth cap is a lower-strength laser therapy technology that radiates photons to increase blood flow in your scalp and stimulate hair follicles. The emitted photon is usually at a red light or infrared range, which is usually safe and FDA approved. However, follow the suggestion of your dermatologist as it’s not suitable for all.

A laser cap has shown significant results, including -

  • Adenosine triphosphate production in follicle cells
  • Promoting blood flow
  • Increasing hair growth
  • Improved metabolism,
  • Enhanced nutrition transportation.

Many providers suggest a laser cap for thinning hair and have observed positive results. However, further research is still in need.

Take Away

Are you suffering from extreme hair loss? If your answer is assertive and in utter confusion about what to do, consider blue light therapy for hair loss. However, what this therapy contains, and how much effective is it?

Blue light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that provides safe, soothing, and warm light on your scalp to stimulate hair follicle regeneration. The light energy converts into biological energy during the procedure, boosting the cellular activities immensely.

It’s a safe and effective way to manage your hair loss and thinning issues and get beautiful thick hair.