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Thank you for this product

I received my OMI PAD on October 16, 2019. I used it for the first time the following day and have used it 22 days since receipt. I had been diagnosed with 2 herniated discs and sciatica 13 years ago with accompanying pain. Since using the OMI PAD, I have not any pain. I was also diagnosed with circulatory problems with surgery recommended on both legs 2.5 years ago. The feeling in my feet had greatly diminished over time with extreme pain in one foot. Since using the OMI PAD, the feeling in both feet has returned and the pain is virtually gone. I am impressed with the OMI PAD, it's effectiveness and how quickly I experienced results. Thank you for this product.

Instant Relief

Ive been having issues with my lower back and a friend recommended this to me. I felt relief on the first use! I am truly amazed at the relief. I can't recommend this enough!!!

5 Stars

I received the OMI Mat and started using it immediately to see if it would relieve the pain and stiffness associated with spinal stenosis. I was elated to find that the three 20 minute sessions of use has eliminated the need for pain medication which had consisted of 2 Aleve tablets every 12 hours. I can recommend the OMI Mat as it has been a blessing to me in easing pain.

It's made me feel good & taken away those everyday niggles, aches & pains!

Great! I will be recommending this product & company to all my family and friends.
Just tested out the omi mat for 30mins for the first time, it's brilliant! It has cleared my head (brain fog!). It's made me feel good & taken away those everyday niggles, aches & pains! Thank you Omi 😊

5 Stars

I started using this product after looking at other pulse electromagnetic field devices. I had inflammation in my right knee and it was hard to actually bend or walk without limping. I began to use the pulse pad everyday a couple times a day for about 20 minutes each time. I also used ice and heat on several occasions. Within two weeks the inflammation in my knee was reduced significantly. I've been pleased with this product and the results. Thank you!

Great Product

Well made, easy to use. Similar products cost a lot more, but this one works great too.

I am deeply grateful

Presently in New Zealand there is only one Professional establishment offering PEMF healing. My needs have been the healing of my brain, as much as possible, from a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (brain bleed) in 2011. My survival is a miracle of Medical Science and the dedication of New Zealand's Neurological experts. However, the long term consequences are catastrophic and once out of Hospital, you are on our own. I use the Pulsepad, under my head, every morning for half and hour, to heal and regenerate at a cellular level. You have Believed in your Science and created the products that have enabled me to Take Charge of My Health. I am deeply grateful. Truly, words cannot express my heartfelt thanks.

4 Stars

I have the OMI RING and use it daily for osteoarthritis in my knees. I do get some relief but I am wanting to strictly address inflammation. I have started using program 1 and it seems to help.

Good product, helpful customer support

It looks exactly like on the photos.

Good quality

Very good quality, fast shipping

Amazing! Better than LLLT in microcirculation

It feels like LLLT class 3 lasers but without the tissue heat on the scalp, when i have red light on my hair/brain. I feel anxiety reduction and better circulation. Probably a connection ☺️. Great service from Jaime also! Huge plus

My ATTO Sport Review

I recently purchased an ATTO Sport mobility scooter from Jaime Gunton at Home Rehab Equipment, based in Queensland, Australia. Jaime was a joy to do business with, very professional and always quick to respond to my emails. Shipping was free. Delivery was prompt (literally to my door) and without incident.

My impressions of the scooter:  As a folding scooter, it is an engineering marvel, and is very well constructed. Loading and unloading for transport is facilitated by easily separating the scooter into two halves. Reassembly is a snap. The procedures to fold and unfold are easy to master.  Available speeds are more than adequate. Sense of stability is good on smooth or mostly smooth surfaces, less so on rough or uneven surfaces. Dealing with curbs is going to be a concern due to wheel size and ground clearance.  Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!
Charles Walker

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