Self-Propelled with Handbrakes, Days Swift Wheelchair, 16 x 16 inch

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Self-Propelled with Handbrakes, Days Swift Wheelchair, 16 x 16 inch

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A light, practical and easy to transport wheelchair

A wheelchair will never hold you back from being part of the world.  Get back into an active lifestyle with the Days Swift Wheelchair that will help you carry out daily activity.

Wheelchairs offer many social and mental health benefits and having independence is one of them.  This lightweight wheelchair makes the Days Swift chair an ideal occasional use chair for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its compact dimensions allow good manoeuvrability indoors & the light construction and ease to fold for storage or transport make it a very versatile chair.  That helps to live a full and active life.
When having limited or decreased mobility, this wheelchair make life manageable and creates opportunity to engage in social interactions which is essential for physical health and emotional wellness.


  • Light frame 7.8kg
  • Folding backrest (for storage or transport)
  • Quick release wheels (for transport)
  • Fixed arms
  • Swing away and removable leg rests
  • Solid tyres (no maintenance required)
  • Handbrakes for added safety*
  • Extended brake handle (ease of brake application)
  • Maximum User Weight: 115kg
  • One year limited warranty


  • Overall Height: 930mm
  •  Overall Width:  620mm
  •  Overall Depth: 1090mm
  •  Seat Width: 410mm
  •  Seat Depth: 425mm
  •  Seat Height at Front: 500mm
  •  Seat Height at Rear: 475mm
  •  Seat Angle Adjustment: N/A
  •  Seat Belt:  No
  •  Upholstery:  Black, nylon, padded, fire retardant
  •  Push Handles: Pair of wheelchair grips
  •  Push Handle Height: 1080mm
  •  Headrest: N/A
  •  Backrest:  Folding
  •  Backrest Height from Seat:  400mm
  •  Backrest Angle Adjustment:  Fixed 90°
  •  Armrests:  Polyurethane foam, fixed, plastic side/skirt guards
  •  Armrest Height from Seat:  220mm
  •  Frame:  Aluminium
  •  Frame Colour:  Silver
  •  Frame Weight:  7.8kg
  •  Type: Self-Propelled
  •  Legrest Length:  420 – 540mm
  •  Knee Angle Adjustment: N/A
  •  Leg/Footrest:  Swing away, 120mm adjustable length (tool required), removable
  •  Leg/Footrest Angle Adjustment:  Fixed 70°
  •  Footplate:  215 x 150mm, lift up
  •  Front Fork:  Plastic
  •  Front Wheels:  200mm (8"), solid polyurethane
  •  Rear Wheels:  610mm (24"), solid polyurethane, quick release
  •  Brakes:  Hand brake / Attendant brake, direct to rear wheel/parking brake
  •  Net Weight: 12.5kg
  •  Maximum User Weight:  115kg
  •  Tested to Australian Standards: AS/NZS 3695.1:2011 Wheelchair standard

Get back into an active lifestyle

Wheelchairs offer many social and mental health benefits.  By using a wheelchair, it can improve one’s everyday mobility and enhance their independence which sets the tone for a positive outlook in life.

Helping to live full and active lives, a wheelchair reduces common issues such as pressures and fatigue on the body.  Designed with durable and high-quality materials, wheelchairs provide the confidence to move around with ease and they prevent injury and falls.

Meeting a user needs wheelchairs are made with a sturdy frame and a base of support that can be folded down, and the wheels have a quick release mechanism to enable easy transportation and storage.

They are safe and durable.

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