High Powered Infrared & Red Light Laser by NerveBeam

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High Powered Infrared & Red Light Laser by NerveBeam

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The Nerve Beam is a high powered focal diode designed for home use.

The targeted and focused beam penetrates deep into the tissue to temporarily increase circulation, relieve pain and relax muscles. The Nerve Beam uses a low-intensity light to relieve stiffness and promote relaxation.


  • Temporarily Improved Blood Circulation
  • Relieve Nerve Pain, Arthritis and Muscle Spasms
  • TRUE INFRARED: Infrared light goes deep into the tissue to reduce swelling & freeze pain, produce warmth and stimulate circulation & promote recovery of ligaments and muscles.
  • FAR MORE EFFECTIVE- 3 diodes are 808nm wavelength (150mw per diode) and 33 diodes are 650nm diodes (5mw per diode) with a total power of 615mw. NOTE: THE LIGHT FROM THE THREE 808NM LED DIODES ARE INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE.
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: Outfitted with 3 adjustable straps so that the device can be affixed to the feet, knees, back shoulder, or any other body part or area.
  • BENEFIT OF INFRARED LIGHTS: Enjoy pain relief provided by a flexible surface covered in rows of 600nm red LEDs in addition to both 830nm & 850nm infrared lights shown to reduce swelling, increase circulation and relieve joint pain.
  • SAFE FOR PETS & PEOPLE: Help a child, elderly parent, dog or cat recover from injury & relieve pain with our infrared light pack.

Why Choose The NerveBeam Cold Laser?

Wavelengths for Pain Relief

High-focused LED's not only help to manage the pain but have also been shown to temporarily improve blood circulation

Infrared Light: 808 nm Lasers

Penetrates 5-7cm into the tissue to deliver therapeutic pain relief and nerve communication.

Red Light: 650nm Lasers

Penetrates 2-3cm into the tissue for a topical analgesic effect and anti-inflammatory response.

More LEDs
Higher quantity of LEDs compared to similar light therapy devices for an intense therapeutic effect.
3 Lasers (808nm)
33 Lasers (650nm)

Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Li-ion battery for convenient therapy from anywhere. 16 hours on the first charge and typically 8-10 hours from there.

For Use Anywhere on the Body
With adjustable straps, the NerveBeam can be used almost anywhere on the body for treatment of nerve-based pain syndromes affecting all body parts and joints

Comparison Chart Nerve Beam LED light wrap
Competitor # 1 Competitor #2 Nerve Beam Cold Laser
Wave Forms Red light (630, 660nm); Infrared (830, 850nm) N/A N/A Red light (650nm); Infrared (808nm)
Effective area – in CM2 807.72 131 478.5  103
Max surface Temp in F 104- 122 F after working for 20 minutes 117 98.9  131
Quantity Red LEDs  175 pcs 0 52  33 Lasers (650nm)
Quantity Infrared LEDS  350 pcs 300 70  3 Lasers (808nm)
mW Red LEDS  66 n/a 60.55  198mW
mW infrared LEDS 108.13 131.97  240mW
Total mW (all LEDS in pad)  118.5 108.13 192.52  438mW
Joules/minute  7.11 6.5 11.6  100
Joules/20 minutes  142.2 130 231.0  2000
Timer 15min Auto-off NA NA 10min Auto-off
Size 5" by 30" NA NA 4" by 4" by .75"
Other Uses GaA/As Semiconductor laser