Days Tilt 'n' Space Wheelchair, 440mm Wide

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Days Tilt 'n' Space Wheelchair, 440mm Wide

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A wheelchair that provides high quality comfort with power tilt capability

The chair offers a wide range of adjustments for seat depth, seat back height, knee angle, seat width, seat-back angle, seat angle and lower-length making it easy to adjust to the user’s individual body size and comfort requirements.

Designed for use inside and outside, the Days Tilt ‘n’ Space wheelchair is supplied fully assembled in a carton though requires setting up prior to use.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Leg Rests;
  • Head Rest;
  • Arm Rests;
  • Shoulder Pads – Lateral Support;
  • Lower leg and Knee Pads;
  • Pommel;
  • Calf Pad;
  • Heel Loop and Foot Plate


  • Max. Load capacity (kg): 136
  • Seat width (cm): 44 / 49
  • Seat depth (cm): 42 - 48
  • Seat height (cm): 51
  • Seat angle (°): 0 to 15
  • Overall width (cm): 68 / 73
  • Overall length (cm): 104 / 84 (with / without leg rests)
  • Total height (cm): 99 to 120 (without head rest)
  • Seat back height (cm): 53 to 64
  • Lower leg length (cm): 40 to 49
  • Seat back angle (°): 0 to 43
  • Foot rest angle (°): 15
  • Knee angle (°): 90 to 180
  • Height of arm rest (cm): 21 to 24 (5x, from seat board)
  • Length of arm rest (cm): 42 (7.5 cm adjustment range)
  • Net weight (kg): 47 / 50
  • Dimensions folded (L/W/H): 44cm (90 / 63 /76); 49cm (90 / 68 /76)
  • Turning circle: 160


  • Drive wheels (in): 24 X 13/8” (puncture-proof)
  • Swiveling wheels (cm): 7” (puncture-proof)

The Advantages & Benefits of a Tilt 'n Space Wheelchair

A tilt 'n space wheelchair operates in a similar fashion of a traditional wheelchair, but with better and more advanced features.

The chairs features are designed to match a person's functional ability.  The user can self-propel the chair where the entire chair shifts its position on its frame as one unit.

When pain and discomfort become overwhelming, use a tilt n space chair to combat those issues. For users that are at risk of pressure injuries, a tilt n space wheelchair can help redistribute weight for those sitting for long periods of time.

The benefits of a tilt 'n space chair are

  • improve posture
  • redistribute pressure
  • reduce risk of sliding from chair and falls
  • provides a safe and easy way for caregivers to shift a users weight

Available to ship in Australia.

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