Holistic Care for Persons With Parkinson's Disease

Video Runtime: 54 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 31 Minutes

This course will provide introductory education on Parkinson's disease for nurses and other health care professionals who work in acute and/or rehabilitation settings. The course will describe the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of the medications commonly prescribed to this patient population. Understanding these concepts can assist the clinical team in preventing complications and promoting faster healing and rehabilitation. This course will be presented in three chapters. Chapter One provides an overview of the current state of the science regarding Parkinson's disease. The second chapter describes important implications the disease has for patients during their hospital stays. The third chapter describes the long-term outcomes for people with Parkinson's disease. Understanding the typical course of the disease stages as well as how to educate and provide resources can improve long-term outcomes and also prepare people with Parkinson's disease for future hospitalizations.

$100 USD

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