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Our team of medical researchers and writers are updating and adding to our knowledge database every day! Search our blogs, collections and products using the search tool below. Send us an email if you don't find what you're looking for. 
FREEDOM Standing Mobility Wheelchair With Controller

$6,990 USD

FREEDOM Comfort Auto Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

$3,190 USD

FREEDOM Value Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

$2,090 USD

FREEDOM Classic Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

$2,590 USD

FREEDOM Auto Open Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

$3,190 USD

Super Lite Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

$619 USD

Dash Simple Electric Mobility Scooter

$2,070 USD

All Terrain 4WD Recreational Power Wheelchair

from $15,315 USD

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NormaTec Leg Attachment (Single)

$350 USD

NormaTec Hip Attachment

$600 USD

NormaTec Arm Attachment

from $1,000 USD

NormaTec 2.0 Series Carry Case

$300 USD

NormaTec 2.0 Series Backpack

$300 USD

NormaTec PRO 2.0 Lower Body Dynamic Air Compression System

from $2,600 from $2,200 USD

NormaTec PRO 2.0 Leg Dynamic Air Compression System

from $2,000 from $1,600 USD

NormaTec Pro 2.0 Full Body Dynamic Air Compression System

from $3,600 from $3,200 USD

Foot Muscle Spa Massager by Quake Plate

$245 USD

Double Head Percussion Massage Gun by Body Drummer

$149 USD

Spa-Like Foot Massager by Ottossage

$380 USD

PRO X Percussion Massage Gun by Body Drummer

$157 USD

PRO Deep Tissue Massage Gun by Body Drummer

$60 USD

AIRE Heated Cervical Neck Massager

$111 USD

Hot and Cold Percussion Massager by Body Drummer

$85 USD

Hypervolt Charging Base

$100 USD

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Meet Our Founder

She's the driving force behind the brand and has a huge passion for people - meet our founder and director, Jaime Gunton. Based out of Australia, her vision was to develop a platform to deliver all the facts and well researched products in this fast paced industry. Home Rehab was launched after the successful growth of her last brand which supplied pet rehabilitation products worldwide. 
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    Did you know that infrared light has long been used as a form of therapy? The body's electromagnetic field responds to infrared therapy by releasing endorphins and other hormones into your system.  This is done to promote overall wellness, but there does seem to be some evidence that it can also have a positive effect […]
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